Each of these 4 forms makes it easy for you to send what we need to make your site.  

The info you enter into the forms is sent privately to my email. Nobody else can see it and it is not saved on this site. 

STEP 1 / Login & Billing Info

This is so we have all the critical information necessary for setting up the website. 

STEP 2 / Creative Direction

This helps us configure, edit, and design the site so that it's right for your visitors. 

STEP 3 / Accounts

These login credentials help us create links that connect to your social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc.), and also import that media into your site. If you have NO social media to connect you can skip this section. 

STEP 4 / Content

This is where you provide direction and text for specific pages.  

If you need to send images, send them via email to, with the subject "HOME" or "ABOUT" or whichever page they are designated for.

Also, here you can provide any meta-tags that show up in Google searches under the links, and help with SEO. (If this is Greek to you, just ignore it!)